Your First Week | Human Resources | University of Miami (2024)

After orientation day, you’ll begin working with your team. Partner with your manager to identify your initial assignments; the purpose of your work; how it fits into your department or school's overarching mission and goals; and how you can begin making immediate contributions.

Purchase a UM Parking Pass

Depending on your campus location, you must purchase a UM parking pass. The fees can be deducted pre-tax from your pay. To learn more about parking, visit here for Miller School).

Register for Required Trainings

As a new faculty or staff member youare required to complete online education modules within the first few days of your employment. Visit to view required courses.

Enroll in Benefits

Health care benefitsare effective on your first date of hire. Enroll in benefits within your first 15 days of hire. To learn more about benefits, click here.

Download the UMiami App

Stay in touch andquickly access campus news, information, and resources to help you adjust to your new home. Download the UMiami app today in your favorite app store.

Learn About Payroll/Direct Deposit

Ensure you have enrolled in direct deposit and that you are aware of the University's payroll schedule and calendars.

  • Payroll calendars
  • How to enroll in direct deposit
  • How to view your payslip
  • How to update your W-4/tax elections

Schedule, Job Duties, and Expectations

  • Clarify your first week’s schedule, and confirm required and recommended training.
  • Debrief with your manager after initial meetings and trainings.
  • Set up your personal workspace.
  • Ask your manager for an overview of the functional area – its purpose, organizational structure, and goals.
  • Ask your manager about the University’s HERE (Hemispheric, Exemplary, Relevant, Excellent) initiative and the Roadmap to the New Century
  • Review your job description, outline of duties, and expectations. Ask how your job fits in the department, and how your job and department contribute to the unit/school and the Institute.
  • Review hours of work. Ask questions about policies and procedures for overtime, use of vacation and sick time, holidays, as well as any flexible work policies or procedures. Begin work on first assignment.
  • Request time to go over the performance review and goal-setting process in your department.
  • Review the process related to your probationary period.
  • Review where to locate additional Institute and department policies.

Work Environment

Ask your manager about:

  • Department-specific safety and emergency information.
  • Taking a campus tour.

Workplace Attire

Workplace attire must be neat, clean, and appropriate for the work being performed and for the setting in which the work is performed. Uniforms may be required for certain positions. Departments may determine appropriate workplace attire for their area. Any questions about the department’s guidelines for attire should be discussed with your immediate supervisor.

Technology Access and Related

  • Ask about your computer and setting up voicemail.

Questions to Ask Your Supervisor

  • The following checklist is provided as a suggested starting point for discussing department and job-specific topics with your new supervisor or manager.
  • Use this checklist to review:
  • Your department’s mission, vision, and values
  • Emergency Response Plans, including:
    • How do you report an emergency?
    • Where to go in bad weather and how to get there?
    • Where to go in case of a fire or bomb threat?
    • What is your Building Emergency Action Plan?
    • How do you get help if you are threatened?
  • You are responsible for reporting any injury to your immediate supervisor. Where are the forms and how does this work in your area?
  • What sick/vacation plan applies to you and what are the departmental policies for obtaining vacation time, or using sick time?
  • Reporting your time:
    • What timekeeping mechanism, besides Workday, does your department use?
    • How do you get training on Workday?
    • What are the overtime policies?
  • The university observes seven holidays. Some departments close between Christmas and New Year’s Day, others do not. Ask what applies to you. (Be sure to mention if you celebrate a holiday other than those listed)
  • As a new hire, you may be in a probationary period. Ask your supervisor if you are, and if so, what are the parameters?
  • How are performance evaluations handled?
  • UM loves acronyms! Find out which ones your department uses. Ask if there is a dictionary or usage guide for the terminology and acronyms used in your area.
  • Does your job require access to administrative systems?
  • Review university policies:
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Confidentiality
    • Dress Code
    • Email and internet usage
  • Review general administrative procedures for your department:
    • Office/desk/work station
    • Keys/Access Cards
    • Mail (Incoming and Outgoing)
    • Business cards
    • Telephone usage
    • Building access hours
    • Conference rooms
    • Travel and expense reports
    • Office supplies
    • Purchase requests
  • Introductions to department staff and key personnel
  • Tour of the work area including:
    • Restrooms
    • Mailroom
    • Printer, copier, and fax machine location
    • Bulletin board
    • Office supplies
    • Kitchen/coffee/vending machines
    • Parking
    • Emergency exits
  • Systems access information:
    • Building/office spaces
    • Email
    • Administration information access
Your First Week | Human Resources | University of Miami (2024)
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