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  • What if I have browser issues when trying to create a candidate account or submitting my application?

    Workday no longer supports version 10 or earlier of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). Use of unsupported versions may cause issues in the application process. It is recommended to upgrade to version 11 of IE or use another supported browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • How do I know my application was received?

    Applicants will receive an immediate confirmation that the application has been submitted as well as an email confirmation. Status of the application can be found in the candidate home account.

  • I cannot find my field of study in the application, what do I do?

    The field of study box is searchable. Issues finding the field of study may be related to not using a keyword (i.e. communications), or entering a very specific term. It is recommended to search using descriptive terms to review options as to available fields of study.

  • I applied to a position at the University of Miami in the past but my login information isn’t working. What should I do?

    On Nov. 28, 2018, the University of Miami (UM) launched a new recruiting system for staff called Workday Recruiting. If you created an account or applied to a position with us prior to Nov. 28, 2018, your previous username and password will not work in our new system and you will need to create a new profile and account.

    If you have already created a new profile and account in the new system, and are still having issues logging in, enter your email address and click forget password to reset your password.

  • I've already submitted my resume. How can I check the status of my application?

    To view the status of an application, review the "my applications" section in the candidate home in Workday. Please visit the UM career site andclick on "staff positions" to sign-in and review your profile.

  • What is a Talent Community?

    Our Talent Community is a great way to stay connected, learn more about the University of Miami, UHealth – University of Miami Health System, and the Miller School of Medicine, career opportunities and events that interest you!

    It's quick and easy to join our talent community . Please register HERE

  • Where can I attach my additional documents cover letters, and references?

    You can upload up to five documents (5MB max per file) under resume/CV in the "my experience" section.

  • Can a candidate start their application and finish it later?

    Yes, a candidate can click on the Save and Continue button to continue their application at a later time.

  • If you apply for a position, does Workday maintain your information for subsequent applications?

    Yes. A candidate can use the last CV they loaded or select to upload a new resume which will pre populate your job application with new information.

  • What is the Drug and Alcohol Policy?

    Click here to review the University'sDrug and Alcohol Policy.

Managers and Primary Recruiters

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  • What if I have a candidate who applied in Hodes/Technomedia and is actively interviewing or we are ready to make an offer?

    Candidates who are in process (actively interviewing or being presented with an offer) through Hodes will be hired following the current process (a standalone hire from the job requisition in Workday). Please reach out to your Human Resources Recruiters with any questions or concerns.

  • What data was converted as part of the recruiting implementation?

    All Active job postings as of 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 23, were moved from Hodes, the former applicant tracking system, to the Workday Recruiting platform. The web link to access the UM careers website remains the same from

  • What is considered a "manager role" in Workday Recruiting?

    A "manager" in Workday is an employee with direct reports. With the implementation of Workday Recruiting, the manager now has the authority to manage recruiting activity for job requisitions within their supervisory organizations including candidate screening and interviews, disposition after selection, and the compensation offer during the hiring process.

  • What is the "recruiter role" within Workday Recruiting?

    This is a new role assigned only to the Department of Talent Acquisitionand Recruitment (HR). It possesses authority to manage recruitment activity for job requisitions for their assigned supervisory organizations. The "recruiter" is also responsible for posting job requisitions to Workday Recruiting, approving the offer compensation, and finalizing the offer letter.

  • What is a "primary recruiter" Workday Recruiting?

    This is a new role assigned to an employee who supports the recruitment process in coordination with the manager. The "primary recruiter" manages the recruiting efforts for all assigned job requisitions. They can take action on all processes within Workday regarding the applicant stages. Multiple "primary recruiters" can be assigned to a job requisition; more often this is someone in the department that supports the manager, or HR partner.

  • Can I include salary range in the job posting?

    Yes. If you choose to include the salary range it should be included in the job description field. Please reach out to your HCM BPI, HR Partner or HR Recruiter for additional guidance.

  • Will I have visibility to all applicants in my supervisory organizations?

    Yes. Hiring managers will have access to all applicants for their positions.

  • When in the application process should a managers or primary recruiter disposition applicants? Must I disposition after every stage of the process?

    It is not required to disposition at every stage of the process, but it is required that all candidates are dispositioned. It is recommended that candidates that do not meet minimum qualifications are dispositioned in the review stage and that promising candidates are not dispositioned until the hire is complete (in case hire falls through).

  • How do I view my job requisitions?

    Job requisitions can be viewed by accessing the recruiting worklet in Workday and running the "my job requisition report." Primary Recruiters can also access the information by running the "my staff recruiting-primary recruiter only" report.

    To learn how to initiate or create a job requisition business process-which launches the recruitment effort to fill positions-or to learn more about closing a job requisition, please review this tip sheet.

  • Does the hiring manager have to be the direct manager for the position?

    Yes. However, you can add a primary recruiter role to the job requisition to assist in managing the candidate pool. You can also delegate inbox task for recruiting (i.e. interview and offer).

  • Will Workday Recruiting remove the job posting once the selected candidate accesses the offer?

    No. The HR recruiter is responsible for unposting the job in Workday. Please contact your HR recruiter to unpost the Job in Workday.

Workday Recruiting FAQs (2024)
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