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NMIXX (엔믹스) is a six-member K-pop girl group that debuted on February 22, 2022, with the single album “AD MARE” under JYP Entertainment. The group members consist of Haewon, Lily, Sullyoon, BAE, Jiwoo, and Kyujin.

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NMIXX Profile

DebutFebruary 22, 2022
Active Years2022–present
NMIXX MembersHaewon, Lily, Sullyoon, BAE, Jiwoo, Kyujin
GenrePop/ Dance
LabelJYP Entertainment
Oldest MemberLily
Youngest MemberKyujin
Former MemberJinni
Fandom NameNSWER

NMIXX Facts:

– The group name, NMIXX, combines the letter “N,” representing “now,” “new,” “next,” and the unknown “n” with the word “mix,” symbolizing diversity and combination. This reflects the concept of “the best combination for a new era.”
– NMIXX members were revealed in the following order: Jinni, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Sullyoon, Bae, Haewon, and Lily.
– JYP Entertainment officially revealed the group’s name as NMIXX on January 26, 2022, which was previously known as JYPn.
– On February 18, 2022, JYP Entertainment announced the postponement of the group’s debut showcase from February 22 to March 1 due to Bae testing positive for COVID-19.
– The group is managed by JYP Entertainment’s exclusive division called “SQU4D.”
– According to JYP Entertainment, all NMIXX members are considered aces and do not have fixed official positions.The group consists of six members with positions as vocalists, dancers, and visuals.
– NMIXX members current dorm arrangement is as follows: Haewon & Kyujin, Bae & Sullyoon and Lily & Jiwoo.
– The debut album’s limited edition achieved significant success, selling 40,000 copies in just 5 days and eventually reaching 60,000 copies.
– Former member, Jinni, departed from the group on December 9, 2022.
– The group embarked on the “Nice to MIXX You Showcase Tour,” consisting of 13 dates across the United States and Asia, starting in May.
– All NMIXX members have siblings and none are only children.

Appearances & Participations

– They appeared in many programs including “Weekly Idol”, “Idol League” and “Good Day NEWYORK”.
– They have made an appearance in several radio programs including “BTOB’s Kiss The Radio”, “Best Friend (MBC)”, and “DAY 6’s Kiss The Radio”.

Magazines & Endorsem*nts

– They have been featured in notable magazines such as “DAZED”, “BAZAAR”, “ELLE” and “COSMOPOLITAN”.
– Their endorsem*nts include “Coca-Cola Zero” “Naver Whale”, LVMH’s “Loewe” and “Lipa Heart Brush”.

Major Works

– Their popular songs include “DICE”, “O.O”,”Love Me Like This” and “TANK”.


– They have won several awards including “Best Emotive Award – Music”, “New Wave Award – Music “ and “Favorite New Artist”,

Instagram: nmixx_official
Youtube: NMIXXOfficial
Twitter: NMIXX_official
TikTok: nmixx_official
Facebook: NMIXXOfficial
Weibo: NMIXXOfficial

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NMIXX Members Profile

1. Haewon

NMIXX Members Profile (Updated Facts!) - Kpop Singers (1)
Stage NameHaewon (해원)
Birth NameOh Hae Won (오해원)
PositionLeader, Main Vocalist
BirthdayFebruary 25, 2003
Active Years2021–present
Age20 (in Feb 2023)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height163 cm (5’4″)
Blood TypeO

Haewon Facts

– Haewon is considered a moodmaker in NMIXX.
– White is her representative color.
– She has a family with her parents and an older sister born in 1998.
– She joined JYP Entertainment in 2017 after a three-day audition.
– She likes white and blue colors.
– She’s good at tongue twisters in Spanish.
– Bear 🐻 is her representative symbol.
– People joke that she was born in 1993 because she likes old songs and jokes.
– She likes the winter season.
– She doesn’t like scary movies because they startle her.
– She can’t see very well without glasses (-6, 600 degrees near-sightedness in both eyes with astigmatism), so she wears glasses a lot.
– Haewon trained for four years before debuting with the group.
– She likes eating seasoned chicken.
– She really likes coffee, especially Iced Americano.
– She likes eating mint chocolate.
– Her favorite ice creams are “Mint Choco,” “Strawberry in Love,” and “31 Yogurt” at Baskin Robbins.
– She can speak Korean, English, and Spanish.
– She used to listen to “Demons” by Imagine Dragons when she was in elementary school.
– Among NMIXX members, Haewon and BAE are known as the funniest.
– She started singing when she was young.
– She’s not very tall, similar to Jiwoo.
– She likes movies “Begin Again” and “Big.”
– When she auditioned for JYP Entertainment, she wore bright yellow clothes on purpose to stand out.
– In the mornings, she drinks coffee and brushes her teeth.
– The first time she met another member left a big impression on her.
– Her favorite type of person is someone like Levi from Attack on Titan.
– Her joints can move a lot.
– Haewon is an all rounder member in the group.
– Sometimes she talks in her sleep.
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2. Lily

NMIXX Members Profile (Updated Facts!) - Kpop Singers (2)
Stage NameLily (릴리)
Birth NameLily Jin Morrow
PositionMain Vocalist
BirthdayOctober 17, 2002
Active Years2014–present
Age21 (in Oct 2023)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height165 cm (5’5″)
Blood TypeO+

Lily Facts

– Lily finished Cheongdam Middle School and Dunchon High School.
– From 2010 to 2012, Lily lived in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, and attended a school there.
– Even though she straightens her hair, it’s naturally curly.
– Among NMIXX members, Lily the only one with a Samsung phone.
– She learned to ski in the mountains during winter.
– She likes being at home and reading.
– She was initially meant to debut with ITZY.
– Lily is the newest addition to the Australia Line, which also includes Stray KidsBang Chan and Felix.
– Her favorite movie is “Monster Calls.”
– Cherries are among her favorite fruits, though she hasn’t chosen a top favorite.
– She doesn’t enjoy drinking coffee.
– When she joined the company, Lily had the least dance experience among NMIXX members, which makes learning choreography a bit challenging for her.
– She expresses herself using her whole body while speaking.
– Lily is the third tallest member in the group.
– She trained for 6 years and 6 months.
– She particularly loves mystery thriller books and is a fan of Agatha Christie.
– Taylor Swift, GOT7, and Miss A are some of her favorite music artists.
– Yellow is her favorite color.
– She began reading the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series when she was young.
– Her family includes her parents and a younger sister named Amy Morrow, born in 2007.
– Lily is the only group member with mixed heritage.
– When she was younger, she was a model and actress.
– Her interests include reading, music, and watching YouTube.
– She likes flowers and things with flower patterns.
– She doesn’t like garlic butter.
– Lily is known as the most selective eater among all group members.
– She likes Baskin Robbins flavors like Mom is an Alien, Chocolate Mousse, Rainbow Sherbet, and Shooting Star.
– Her personality is cheerful.
– Her MBTI type is ENFP.
– The first book she read in Korean was the Korean version of “Alice in Wonderland.”
– Lily’s symbol is a Koala 🐨, and her color is Baby Blue.
– She enjoys drinking strawberry banana smoothies.
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Instagram: lily_m_official/ (Private)
Twitter: LilyJinMorrow (Private)

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3. Sullyoon

NMIXX Members Profile (Updated Facts!) - Kpop Singers (3)
Stage NameSullyoon (설윤)
Birth NameSeol Yoon A (설윤아)
PositionVocalist, Dancer
BirthdayJanuary 26, 2004
Active Years2021–present
Age19 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height168 cm (5’6”)
Blood TypeA

Sullyoon Facts

– Sullyoon transferred to Seodaejeon Girls’ High School and later graduated from Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School with a major in Broadcasting & Entertainment.
– She’s a fan of chocolate and spicy food.
– When it comes to food choices, she prefers chicken over pizza.
– She likes cider more than cola, and usually goes for co*ke Zero if she chooses cola.
– Sullyoon appreciates tidiness and dislikes going to bed while wearing street clothes.
– Among NMIXX members, she’s the quietest and the most afraid of scary movies and escape rooms.
– She was the fourth NMIXX member revealed on September 2, 2021.
– Her Full Moon qualifying video has reached over 1 million views.
– She prefers phone calls over text messages.
– She and Minji from NewJeans were classmates in high school’s Broadcasting major at Hanlim Arts School, where they also acted together.
– She has the shortest training period among all NIMXX members.
– Her favorite color is pink, even though she used to like black when she was younger.
– She would love to have a puppy as a pet.
– She doesn’t prefer wearing high heels.
– She enjoys music genres like city pop and dance.
– She didn’t know how to apply makeup until she joined the company.
– Sullyoon’s hands are the largest among group members.
– She considers herself someone who cries the most easily.
– Among NMIXX members, Sullyoon is the slowest eater.
– She’s afraid of ghosts and avoids watching horror movies.
– Some of her nicknames include “Yoona,” “Ddeolyun,” “Hamster,” and “Baby Deer.”
– Among group members, she’s the best at taking selfies.
– She can communicate in Korean, Spanish, and English.
– If given a supernatural power of choice, Sullyoon would choose teleportation.
– Her visual appearance received praise even during her childhood.
– She doesn’t enjoy eating olives due to their taste and smell.
– Her MBTI type is ISFP-T.
– She learned Spanish in high school as part of her language classes.
– In her younger years, she served as the student council president in elementary school and class president in high school.
– Sullyoon is the second tallest in the group.
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4. BAE

NMIXX Members Profile (Updated Facts!) - Kpop Singers (4)
Stage NameBae (배이)
Birth NameBae Jin Sol (배진솔)
PositionVocalist, Dancer
BirthdayDecember 28, 2004
Active Years2021–present
Age19 (in Dec 2023)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height171 cm (5’7″)
Blood TypeB

BAE Facts

– BAE loves collecting berets.
– When it comes to food choices, she leans towards pizza over chicken and likes eating pineapple pizza.
– She isn’t a fan of soggy choco cereal.
– Among her sushi preferences, she enjoys salmon sushi.
– She enjoys eating seasoned chicken.
– People often call her “Sol,” a shortened form of her real name, Bae Jin-sol.
– She earned the nickname “Glistening-Eyed Maniac” due to her clear and sparkling eyes.
– Her fans are affectionately called “Solangdoongi,” which refers to those captivated by her charm.
– She enjoys re-watching anime she loved during her childhood and is a fan of the anime series “Yumeiro Patissiere”.
– She officially joined JYP Entertainment in December 2018.
– BAE revealed that she was discovered by a JYP staff member near her school in 8th grade, making her the only NMIXX member scouted from the streets.
– She dedicated about 3 years each to learning how to play the piano and the ukulele.
– Among online games, she’s particularly skilled in playing League of Legends.
– For her fitness routine, she enjoys kickboxing and crossfit.
– She’s a fan of Chunshik, a character from Kakao Friends.
– BAE, along with Haewon, is often regarded as one of the funniest idols at JYP. She’s even been playfully named JYP’s first publicly recruited comedian.
– Her favorite seasons are spring and autumn.
– She has a liking for various types of persimmons.
– Almond Bonbons and Pistachio Almonds are her favorite flavors from Baskin Robbins.
– She doesn’t like the smell of sesame leaves.
– She’s skilled in Taekwondo and holds a red belt.
– She doesn’t enjoy eating mint chocolate.
– Within the group, BAE recognized as the best at playing games.
– In games like “Silent Whisper,” she can become impatient, loud, and highly competitive.
– Baking is one of her talents.
– Her MBTI type is ENFP.
– Her dad is a big fan of Haewon.
– She graduated from high school alongside Sullyoon on February 9th, 2023.
– She’s a fan of the girl group “ITZY”.
– Among NMIXX members, BAE is the tallest.
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5. Jiwoo

NMIXX Members Profile (Updated Facts!) - Kpop Singers (5)
Stage NameJiwoo (지우)
Birth NameKim Ji Woo (김지우)
PositionMain Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer
BirthdayApril 13, 2005
Active Years2021–present
Age18 (in Dec 2023)
Zodiac SignAries
Height162 cm (5’3”)
Blood TypeAB

Jiwoo Facts

– Jiwoo went to Chasan Elementary School Kindergarten and Donghwa Middle School.
– Her favorite colors are light blue and green.
– Her favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream is “Mother is an Alien”.
– She used to learn dancing at DASTREET DANCE.
– To help her sleep, she listens to calming music through her earphones.
– She likes making perfumes as a hobby, and she talked about it on a show “Weekly Idol”.
– She’s a fan of the music group Day6, and she loves their song “Shoot Me”.
– She enjoys sweet and sour pork.
– She has a special talent of bending her back backward without any help.
– Out of all the NMIXX members, Jiwoo is the best at ventriloquism.
– She joined JYP Entertainment in 2018.
– Her favorite movie is “Titanic”.
– She likes the winter season the most.
– She doesn’t like horror movies because she hates being startled.
– She made a record on a show by going under a stick only 55cm above the ground.
– She like eating ham kimchi stew.
– Out of all the NMIXX members, Jiwoo the second pickiest eater after Lily.
– When she first debuted, she got nervous and introduced herself by her real name, saying “Hello, I’m Kim Ji-woo!” instead of her stage name.
– She’s really good at foot baseball and feels confident about it.
– She doesn’t like eating vegetables.
– She changed schools during high school, moving from Guri Girls’ High School to Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School in the Entertainment Department.
– She joined the group after Kyujin.
– Jiwoo is one of the shortest NMIXX members, just like Haewon.
– Her friends call her “Chew”.
– She once took apart a burger to remove all the vegetables and tomatoes because she doesn’t like eating vegetables.
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6. Kyujin

NMIXX Members Profile (Updated Facts!) - Kpop Singers (6)
Stage NameKyujin (규진)
Birth NameJang Kyu Jin (장규진)
PositionMain Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
BirthdayMay 26, 2006
Active Years2021–present
Age17 (in May 2023)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height166 cm (5’5″)
Blood TypeA

Kyujin Facts

– Kyujin attended Nakwon Middle School and graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts School.
– She doesn’t like cucumbers.
– Avocados are one of her favorite foods.
– Among NMIXX members, Kyujin is not very good at Spanish tongue-twisters.
– In bug-catching, she is the second-best after Lily. She can catch small flying insects without fear.
– She prefers crispy cereal over soggy cereal.
– She joined the company before Jiwoo.
– Her favorite subject is physical education.
– She loves the song “Next Level” by Aespa.
– She frequently listens to Johnny Orlando’s song ‘blur’.
– Pink is her favorite color.
– Despite being the youngest, Kyujin is skilled in many areas and considered an all-rounder member of NMIXX.
– Kyujin, Jiwoo, and Jinni were the first members of the group introduced through a dance performance video.
– She enjoys playing badminton and dodgeball.
– She has a liking for rice cakes, especially potato rice cakes.
– Kyujin actively looks for vegan and protein-rich foods.
– She prefers honey butter over garlic butter.
– Fish, particularly mackerel and salmon, are among her favorite foods.
– Her favorite type of mushroom is shiitake.
– On her first day at JYP Entertainment, she met Yuna from ITZY.
– She always carries a comb with a mirror because her hair gets tangled easily.
– She’s confident in doing planks.
– She’s often called “Kyunyang”.
– Within NMIXX, Kyujin is known for her cleanliness and taking care of herself.
– Kyujin is the fifth tallest among NMIXX members.
– She naturally spins in a clockwise direction due to being right-handed, and she’s great at swift pirouettes.
– She excels in both singing and dancing.
– Lily describes Kyujin as the “mom” of the NMIXX house because she takes care of all the members.
– Her MBTI personality type is ESFJ.
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Former Member

7. Jinni

NMIXX Members Profile (Updated Facts!) - Kpop Singers (7)
Stage NameJinni (지니) | Jini
Birth NameChoi Yun Jin (최윤진)
PositionVocalist, Rapper, Dancer
BirthdayApril 16, 2004
Active Years2021–present
Age19 (in Apr 2023)
Zodiac SignAries
Height165 cm (5’5″)
Blood TypeA

Jinni Facts

– Jinni participated in the JYP Trainee Mini Showcase 2018.
– She, Jiwoo, and Kyujin joined NMIXX in a dance video on August 6, 2021.
– She is a fan of actress Han So-hee.
– She has a fondness for the ocean and dreams of visiting places like Bali or Hawaii.
– She prefers phone calls over texting.
– Friday is her favorite day of the week.
– Her favorite song is ‘Tunnel’ by Sejeong Kim.
– Spring is her favorite season.
– She admires BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and her fashion style.
– She’s a fan of Apink, singing “Not Alone” and performing a jazz dance for her JYP audition.
– Jinni’s representative animal is a baby tiger.
– Among NMIXX members, she used to wake up earlier than the others.
– She enjoys eating spicy tteokbokki.
– She likes puff cream taiyaki more than red bean taiyaki and prefers Jjambbong over Jjajang.
– During training, she shared a room with Yeji from ITZY.
– In 2022, she still has a noticeable Busan accent, but she’s trying to lessen it.
– She likes smaller dog breeds like Pomeranians or Maltese.
– She doesn’t like eating seaweed soup, cucumber cold soup, steamed fish, and grilled fish.
– Jinni left Changdeok Girls’ High School and passed the High School Graduation Certificate Examination.
– Among NMIXX members, Jinni is the fourth tallest.
– Her MBTI type is ENFP, but she’s more introverted socially.
– Her ramen choices include Samyang ramen, Jinjjambbong, and Shin Ramyun Black.
– She officially debuted with NMIXX on February 22, 2022, as Jinni.
– On December 9, 2022, she left NMIXX for personal reasons and ended her contract with JYP Entertainment.
– She signed with UAP on April 14, 2023.
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Instagram: jiniyxxn
Twitter: jiniyxxn


1. How old are the NMIXX members? (oldest to youngest)

NMIXX members’ ages and birthdays are as follows:

– Lily was born on October 17, 2002, and is 21 years old.
– Haewon was born on February 25, 2003, and is 21 years old.
– Sullyoon was born on January 26, 2004, and is 20 years old.
– BAE was born on December 28, 2004, and is 19 years old.
– Jiwoo was born on April 13, 2005, and is 19 years old.
– Kyujin was born on May 26, 2006, and is 18 years old.

NMIXX members were of the following ages when they debuted in 2022: Lily was 19, Haewon was 18, Sullyoon was newly 18, BAE was 17, Jiwoo was 16, and Kyujin was 15.

2. How tall are the NMIXX members? (tallest to shortest)

NMIXX members’ heights are the following from tallest to shortest:

– BAE’s height is 171 cm (5’7″).
– Sullyoon’s height is 168 cm (5’6”).
– Kyujin’s height is 166 cm (5’5″).
– Lily’s height is 165 cm (5’5″).
– Haewon’s height is 163 cm (5’4″).
– Jiwoo’s height is 162 cm (5’3”).

BAE is the tallest member in NMIXX and Jiwoo is the shortest.

3. Where are the NMIXX members from? (ethnicity & nationality)

NMIXX members’ nationality & ethnicity are as follows:

– Haewon is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Lily is Korean-Australian by ethnicity and nationality.
– Sullyoon is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– BAE is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Jiwoo is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Kyujin is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.

All NMIXX members are from South Korea except for Lily who is Korean-Australian.

4. What are the official positions of NMIXX members?

According to JYP Entertainment, all NMIXX members are considered aces and do not have fixed official positions.

But here are the unofficial NMIXX members’ positions:

– Haewon is the Leader and Main Vocalist.
– Lily is the Main Vocalist.
– Sullyoon is the Vocalist and Dancer.
– BAE is the Vocalist, Dancer.
– Jiwoo is the Main Rapper, Vocalist, and Dancer.
– Kyujin is the Main Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist, and Maknae.

5. What does the N in NMIXX stand for?

The term “NMIXX” is formed by merging the letter ‘N’, representing concepts like “now, next, new, and the unknown,” with the word ‘MIX’, which signifies diversity and coming together. The result is the word NMIXX, symbolizing “the best combination for a new era.”

NOTE: If you know more facts about NMIXX members, feel free to submit them in the comments section! All submissions will be greatly appreciated!

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