My Favorite Chicken Coops from Tractor Supply (2024)

Along with the fruits and vegetables you raise in your garden, you also raise livestock that depends upon you for a safe environment.

If you love chickens, in particular, you will need to find the best protective shelter for them throughout each season.

The best kind of shelter for chickens in your backyard is a chicken coop!

One of the best places to buy a chicken coop would be Tractor Supply – a favorite homestead supply store popular in the US.

The only problem – is that there are so many chicken coops to consider.

That’s why we’re about to analyze the best chicken coops from Tractor Supply!

Which one is best for your flock?

Here are some of my favorite Tractor Supply chicken coop options – plus a short review.

We hope our feedback helps you decide.

Sound good?

Table Of Contents

  1. Best Tractor Supply Chicken Coops
  2. Tractor Supply Chicken Coop Buyer’s Guide
    • Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Chicken Coop?
    • How Big Should a Coop Be for Six Chickens?
    • Why Are Chicken Coops off the Ground?
    • What Should Be Inside a Chicken Coop?
    • Can Chickens Stay in the Coop All Day?
  3. Conclusion

Best Tractor Supply Chicken Coops

We scoured Tractor Supply to find their best chicken coops for flocks of all sizes. These are our top picks perfect for keeping your chooks safe, comfy, and warm!

  1. Producer's Pride Sentinel Chicken Coop

    This chicken coop is a safe and cozy home for your chickens as it uses powder-coat steel for its frame material.

    The coop has five doors, three nesting areas, and 76 inches of running space for chickens. The recommended capacity of chickens that can fit inside this coop is six.

    You will be glad to know that the 12 x 12-inch door latches are predator resistant, which means that no other animals can easily break into the coop.

    (The fox is guarding the henhouse is one saying that comes to mind!)

    There is also a sliding door for the chicken coop entrance and a metal slide-out tray that is easy to clean. How convenient is that?


    • Product Weight: 170 pounds
    • Product Height: 48 inches
    • Product Width: 36.4 inches
    • Product Length: 76 inches

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  2. Superior Construction Chicken Coop

    Have a few more chickens to deal with and consider? No problem!

    Depending on the breed of chickens you raise, this coop built by Petmate can accommodate 8 to 10 chickens. The chicken coop has four doors, three nesting boxes, and two levels!

    The chook coop has unstained wood and a durable and long-lasting plastic roof.

    There are two internal roosting bars and one external roosting bar for the outside area. The wood panels used to make this coop are 200% thicker than regular 7.5-millimeter panels, so durability is a feature of this design.

    The cleaning tray is extra tall, which means you can make a deeper layer of bedding for your chickens and have an easier time cleaning it!


    • Product Weight: 158 pounds
    • Product Height: 72.75 inches
    • Product Width: 46 inches
    • Product Length: 76 inches

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  3. Large Snap Lock Chicken Coop

    Are you looking for something more appealing for the eyes? This chicken coop might be your ideal choice!

    Here is an unrivaled home for a flock of chickens throughout the year, and its double-wall construction and adjustable ventilation make for a welcoming environment.

    All parts of this coop snap together, which means you don't need fancy tools for assembly (This saves you time and stress!)

    There are three nesting areas and one roosting bar for this coop. While there are no ramps for chickens, a sturdy plastic ladder comes with it instead.

    The main benefit of a snap-lock chicken coop is that it provides maximum predator resistance, so your chickens will (hopefully) be safe while you sleep during the night!


    • Product Weight: 65 pounds
    • Product Height: 64 inches
    • Product Width: 42 inches
    • Product Length: 64 inches

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  4. Prevue Red Barn Chicken Coop

    If you want your chickens to be in their element, why not put them in a red barn? In particular, I mean a red barn chicken coop!

    The coop is perfect for four to six hens and provides much room for chickens to run around and stretch. The ventilated roosting area in the front enables air circulation and light to enter the coop.

    Out of all the chicken coops on this list, this one has the most appropriate weight as it is too heavy for predators to move it but light enough for a person to reposition.

    The slanted green asphalt roof will keep the coop’s interior both dry and cozy, which is what chickens will want if they stay in their chook coop!


    • Product Weight: 100 pounds
    • Product Height: 38 inches
    • Product Width: 45 inches
    • Product Length: 71 inches

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  5. Trixie Pet Chicken Coop

    You can’t go wrong with solid wood materials, and this coop proves that point. It looks great!

    Because of its size, you can consider this to be a beginner’s chicken coop, but it has plenty of long-lasting benefits.

    Small wooden ramps are provided for the chickens to enter and leave the chicken coop at the front and side doors, and the doors have metal slide latches that help protect them from predators.

    The plastic-coated floor panels of the chicken coop are removable, so it will be easy for you to clean the interior.

    One of the lightest options on the list, this coop has hinged roofs with locking arms. These arms can stay open over the sleeping house and nesting boxes.

    That way - cleaning is possible. And easy!


    • Product Weight: 65 pounds
    • Product Height: 32.5 inches
    • Product Width: 30.75 inches
    • Product Length: 59 inches

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  6. Rugged Ranch Cheyenne Chicken Coop

    This chicken coop takes on the look of a shed, but it has sturdy wood material that supports its design.

    Ideal for two to four chickens, this coop has twin-level roofs and a couple of roosting bars to provide comfort.

    Chickens have three nesting boxes to go into when they hatch their eggs, and outside access to these nesting boxes is made easy.

    It features a convenient pull-out tray so you can both clean out the nesting box and collect the eggs. Setting up this coop is a breeze as it only takes 14 steps to complete assembly.

    Having more than one level for a chicken coop promotes more walking space for the chickens. It’s hard to say no to that!


    • Product Weight: 142 pounds
    • Product Height: 52 inches
    • Product Width: 36 inches
    • Product Length: 76 inches

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  7. Producer's Pride Defender Chicken Coop

    One of the bulkiest and heaviest options on this list, the Producer’s Pride Defender Chicken Coop not only looks unique but promotes enough foraging or run area space for chickens.

    It also keeps your flock safe! The coop has a fenced-in chicken run, which ensures the safety of your chickens whether they choose to be active or to rest. Included are four nesting boxes that you can easily open to collect eggs.

    I love how the chicken coop has a waterproof and shingled roof. That way - you don’t have to worry about your resting chickens getting wet in the rain.

    Your hens also get two big roosting bars so they can snooze, roost, and rest while staying cozy.


    • Product Weight: 535 pounds
    • Product Height: 84 inches
    • Product Width: 122 inches
    • Product Length: 170 inches

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Tractor Supply Chicken Coop Buyer’s Guide

My Favorite Chicken Coops from Tractor Supply (8)

Chickens are delicate farm animals to take care of, so when you search for the best Tractor Supply chicken coop, the number one thing to remember is how comfortable your chickens will feel in the chook coop.

(Honestly, nobody likes a disgruntled chicken!)

You may have questions about chicken coops and what goes into making one, so we’ve got you covered here!

Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Chicken Coop?

If you are resourceful and creative, you can save yourself considerable amounts of money by building your chicken coop. Buying a chicken coop is initially more convenient and practical, but the downside is that you can rarely change store brand coops DIY style. There are many materials – whether wood, metal, or plastic – you can use that are free of charge to build the chicken coop the way you want. In the long run – building a chicken coop is the cheaper option.

How Big Should a Coop Be for Six Chickens?

The more space you provide your chickens – the happier they will be! For an absolute minimum, consider at leastthree square feet per chickenin the coop andsix square feet per chickenin the open run area. Overall the chicken coop must be at least18 square feetto hold six chickens. Also – remember that some chicken breeds are heavier than others! Regardless – we suggest you err on the side of a spacious coop.

Why Are Chicken Coops off the Ground?

There are two good reasons why chicken coops (whether built or bought) should hover off the ground. The first reason is for the health of the chickens. Coops that rest directly on the ground are left vulnerable to bacteria, mold, and disease. The second reason is for the protection of chickens from predators. Some predators such as foxes, wolves, and coyotes can dig their way inside the coop and wreak havoc upon your flock!

With a coop rising off the ground, it not only prevents a buildup of droppings and dust mites but also makes it difficult for predators to achieve their goal.

What Should Be Inside a Chicken Coop?

There are two essential things you need inside a chicken coop. You need roosting bars (also known as perches) and a droppings board (a cleanable tray that you can easily slide into and out of the coop). Roosting bars should be strong enough to support the weight of a chicken upon the ball of its foot – but still thin enough to allow the toes to curl underneath.

Perch clasping is a vital thing chickens do as part of their slumbering. Droppings boards are sheet materials that clean easily. We recommend setting these boards anywhere from six to 24 inches below the roosts.

Can Chickens Stay in the Coop All Day?

My Favorite Chicken Coops from Tractor Supply (9)

There are certain situations where it is necessary to keep chickens in all day. If it is raining heavily outside, temperatures are tremendously low during the winter (or an extreme wind chill), and if there is a lot of snow on the ground, then your chickens should stay in the coop all day.

In any other situation – chickens can remain in their coop all day! But, we don’t recommend keeping them inside all the time. Keep in mind there is a pecking order between flocks of chickens.

The pecking order develops over some time. If kept cooped up (I said that intentionally!) inside a small cramped space for too long, and if left unchecked, serious injuries can occur to the less dominant hens of your flock.

It is also possible that if they coop up for too long, boredom will set in, and the hens will start pecking at their eggs.

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Raising chickens as part of your homesteading livestock can be seen as a tall task at first! But once the best materials are in place for a chicken coop, any worries you had before will fade away.

If you consider these Tractor Supply chicken coop options, you will be sure to have a healthy and safe environment ready for your feathered friends.

Isn’t that what any farm animal wants at the end of the day?

Thanks so much for reading.

If you have questions about Tractor Supply chicken coops – or if you have fun chicken stories and experiences, feel free to share!

Thanks again for reading.

Have a great day!

My Favorite Chicken Coops from Tractor Supply (2024)
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