How To Fix A Dresser Drawer That Doesn't Stay Closed (Solved!) - (2024)

Dresser drawers often go unnoticed until they stop functioning as designed.

A good example of this can be if a dresser drawer doesn’t stay closed.

If a dresser drawer doesn’t stay closed, it’s best to tighten the screws along the slide rail. You will also want to install a stop block (a small piece of wood) to ensure the drawer does not slide out. This is the best way to make sure the dresser drawer stays closed.

When investing in a good dresser, you will want to test the drawers beforehand. However, over time, these drawers do loosen and that is due to natural depreciation in materials.

To prevent this from becoming a constant issue, simply install the drawer stop and watch as it puts an end to the sliding drawer.

This article will take a look at how to repair a dresser drawer that does not stay closed.

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How To Fix a Dresser Drawer That Doesn’t Stay Closed

1. Tighten the Screws In Slide Rail

Troubleshooting drawer slides has to start with the basics.

Before looking at using magnets to keep drawers closed or installing a wood stop in your dresser drawer, it’s important to look at the screws.

The screws that hold the dresser drawer in place can loosen due to natural wear and tear.

You will want to test those screws and make sure they are not loose. This is going to be the main reason why the drawers keep falling out.

When the screws are not tight, the slide rail is not going to function as expected. This can either cause the drawer to get stuck or it is going to keep opening.

Get a regular screwdriver and tighten all of the screws attaching the drawer to the rail. This will ensure this is not an issue that is causing trouble.

2. Install a Stop Block

If the dresser drawer keeps sliding open, you will now have to consider a stop block.

This is a piece of wood that is installed on the drawer to make sure its movement is restricted. This will ensure it will only open as much as it is supposed to due to the block.

This is a perfect way to control how the dresser drawer opens and closes.

To install the stop block, you are going to make sure it is the right size. It will have to be a small piece that has to be wedged near the slide rail as shown in the video below.

3. Test the Slide Rail

You should always take the time to test the slide rail with and without weight.

The goal is to ensure the dresser drawer does not fall when it is closed. This happens because the slide rail does not hold the drawer in place and that causes it to slide right back.

Another issue might have to do with the drawer being tilted forward. This is going to cause gravity to push the drawer forward, which means it is going to keep opening.

Just tilt the dresser back by placing something underneath it.

This should remedy the problem and ensure the dresser drawer doesn’t keep opening when you don’t want it to.

Why Does My Drawer Keep Sliding Open?

A drawer can keep sliding open when the screws on the slide rail loosen or the drawer is tilted forward. This can cause gravity to apply pressure on the drawer leading it to lean forward. It’s best to tighten the screws, install a wood stop in the drawer, and have something set up underneath to ensure the drawer isn’t tilting forward.

This is a simple solution that will ensure the drawer works the way it is supposed to.

Most issues can be corrected within a few minutes.

How To Fix A Dresser Drawer That Doesn't Stay Closed (Solved!) - (2)

How Do You Tighten Sliding Drawers?

To tighten sliding drawers, screws run along the side of the slide rail attaching the drawer to that rail. Take a regular screwdriver and tighten all of these screws while making sure the alignment is not off-center.

This will allow the dresser drawer to slide as you want it to.

Take your time with this part of the process and ensure the sliding drawer is in place the way it is supposed to be.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to follow if a dresser drawer doesn’t stay closed.

If a dresser drawer doesn’t stay closed, the slide rail might be loose causing the drawer to slide forward. It might also have to do with the dresser tilting forward causing gravity to push the drawer forward. To fix these issues, tighten the screws, install a stop block, and make sure the dresser is not tilted forward by placing something underneath.

These solutions are only going to take a few minutes to complete and will lead to great results.

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How To Fix A Dresser Drawer That Doesn't Stay Closed (Solved!) - (2024)
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