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Drawer Won’t Stay Closed? 3 Simple Ways You Can Make it Tight Again - KnockOffDecor.com (1)

In the midst of your daily routine, you open your kitchen drawer to grab a spoon, but to your dismay, it won’t close back.

It’s a truly frustrating ordeal, but like most things in life, you can’t resort to pushing it by force.

Drawers that don’t close all the way can point to numerous causes.

It could be a minor source where an object is stuck in between or a larger issue where the drawer itself is faulty.

Either way, we’ll be sure to uncover why and how to fix a drawer that won’t stay closed.


Why Your Drawer Won’t Stay Closed

I bet you’re eager to fix that drawer ASAP, but you might want to take a step back and evaluate why your drawer is acting up first.

Now, this issue isn’t necessarily valid for all types of drawers. For instance, a file drawer might refuse to close due to its heavy load.

On the other hand, your clothes drawer might have a long-lost sock blocking its path in the back.

Let’s take a look at each reason below.

1. Defective Drawer Glides

Drawer Won’t Stay Closed? 3 Simple Ways You Can Make it Tight Again - KnockOffDecor.com (2)

What makes your drawer move in the first place? It’s the gliders.

Chances are, they could be messed up and desperately need some repair work.

That being said, you may want to ask yourself further questions to get to the root cause, or in this case, three whys.

Why is my drawer not closing?

Why are my gliders defective?

Why is there a loose screw in my glider?

This might be due to several reasons. Your drawer glides might be out of date and need a replacement.

2. The Tracks Aren’t Leveled Properly

Another reason your drawer is having a hard time remaining shut could be the leveling of your cabinet or tracks.

A misaligned track could cause your drawer to become tilted at an angle and misaligned, making it difficult to close properly.

It’s crucial to investigate all probable causes leading to your drawers not closing properly.

That way, you can easily go to the next step, how to stop the drawers from sliding out.

3.An Item Blocking It from Closing

Drawer Won’t Stay Closed? 3 Simple Ways You Can Make it Tight Again - KnockOffDecor.com (3)

While the instance above could be a probable cause to your situation, another case could go as follows.

Why is my drawer not closing?

Why is there something stuck there?

Why did it get jammed there in the first place?

It could simply be due to overpacking your drawer.

This would likely increase the chances of something falling over to the back since drawers constantly go in and out.

How to Fix a Drawer That Keeps Opening

Since there’s more than one reason that your drawer won’t stay closed, you might find a few solutions.

These options could also vary depending on the type of drawer that needs fixing.

For example, you might find that your soft-close drawer won’t stay closed. Let’s go through each step and find a fix for each problem.

Step 1: Prep Your Materials

You first want to get your tools set, before getting your hands on the drawers. You can check out these products on Amazon.

  • Torpedo Level
  • Magnet Catch
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Safety Goggles (especially if it’s a wooden drawer)

Step 2: Open and Inspect Your Drawers

In this step, you want to open your drawer and keep it aside. Now here’s the kicker, you can go about the next step in a few different ways.

Check out each method below that would cater to the type of drawer you need to fix.

Method #1: Using a Magnet Catch

This technique can be easily used for a wardrobe, filing cabinet, desk, or kitchen drawers.

The method works by installing a magnet catch on the top area right above the edge where the drawer would close.

Once you close the drawer your magnets will keep it attached to its base.

After keeping the drawer aside, you need to drill the top area where you’ll attach the magnet and bolt it in.

Then, you’ll take your drawer and bolt the other magnet in the space where they both would align and stick.

In my own experience, I’ve installed magnet catches to the sides of the drawer and it works just as well.

Learn more about magnetic catches here.

Method #2: Adjusting Your Runner and Drawer

Drawer Won’t Stay Closed? 3 Simple Ways You Can Make it Tight Again - KnockOffDecor.com (4)

If your soft-close drawer won’t stay closed, this method might be more well-suited.

To remove your soft close drawers, you need to first flatten the black tabs at either end of the drawer and pull it out.

Next, you’ll want to reset your gliders. In the back end, you should notice the mechanism is unaligned and the springs are unhinged.

Then, with your screwdriver, or your thumb, carefully pull the grey plastic small handle until the springs are tightened.

Make sure to do this on both sides.

Since it might unfasten once more, you should tighten the screws on your glider.

Afterward, just place your drawer back inside by aligning it with the recess.

Method #3: Aligning Your Drawer

This fixing method is best if your kitchen drawer won’t stay closed.

You can immediately recognize an alignment issue with your drawer if one side seems higher than the other.

After setting the drawer aside, you want to get your torpedo level.

Get a light around the recess and using your drill, take out the gliders. Essentially, you’ll be reinstalling them back correctly.

Now, you want to place the level on the area you’ll keep the drawer, make sure the bubble is centered.

You can then make a mark on the new areas you’ll be drilling your screw.

As for the drawer, you should also realign the glider in it and make sure it’s leveled and adjacent to its partner glider.

All that’s left to do now is reattach the glides to their straightened-out rows and push your drawer back in.

Step 3: Prevent Your Drawers from Future Malfunction

This last step is all about maintaining your drawer glides. The best way to do that is by cleaning them every once in a while.

You could lubricate them by using a Q-tip and a wipe.

Otherwise, if you want to prevent future malfunctions, it’s best to not overflow the drawer with countless items.

It can weaken the gliders and cause them to lose their alignment.

Other Considerations

If these methods aren’t working, you might want to consider replacing your gliders, especially if they’re old and creaky.

You can also ask for professional help at a hardware store.

It’s worth considering that there are different glider types and each has its own mechanism.

Check out each one here. For instance, there are roller-style gliders and ball-bearing ones too.

Nevertheless, you might encounter more issues with the ball-bearing option.

Its mechanism is a bit more complex and has more options such as a soft-closing one.


How can I make my drawers glide smoother?

You can apply paraffin with a cloth around the glides or use a lubricant spray.

Here’s a great video that can help:

How do you space out a drawer slide?

To avoid uneven spaces and lack of leveling, you should space out your drawer slides using a measuring tape and a torpedo level.

For more information check out this YouTube video.

To Summarize

It can be hard to deal with an open drawer. Things can fall in and be lost.

While there are several methods to fix your drawer, you can easily choose one based on what kind of drawer you own.

By following the steps mentioned, you’ll have an easier time if your drawer won’t stay closed.

I recommend letting out your inner handyperson.

Drawer Won’t Stay Closed? 3 Simple Ways You Can Make it Tight Again - KnockOffDecor.com (2024)
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